FEBE Transport

Your goal is our goal

During the period of over 10 years since the foundation of our company, FEBE Transport Kft. has evolved into a successful, reliable, full-service, well-capitalized enterprise engaged in international freight forwarding and transport management. Our own asset trucks regularly run in the region from Romania to Ireland and our freight forwarding division additionally provides work to more than 100 vehicles all over Europe.

Choose our company for your shipping tasks and rest assured that your goods will be delivered to any locations on time because "Your goal is our goal". We help you with making decisions by giving fast quotes, if necessary with priority, offering favorable market prices and our many years of experience in the industry. We only perform shipping assignments with experienced drivers and reliable vehicles and provide guarantee for the work we perform. We monitor the route of shipments in our care by using our online vehicle tracking system.



We transport your goods with our trucks that are equipped with our own satellite (GPS) vehicle tracking system in a cost-effective, high capacity-utilization manner nearly all over Europe, both as export and import.

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding

We provide you with a wide range of freight vehicles and a reliable, fast and efficient freight forwarding network thanks to the work of our highly trained and experienced colleagues, our outstanding office infrastructure and our partners.

Request a quote

Request a quote

Selecting the mode of transportation and vehicle type that suits your need best and providing the most cost-effective solution and comprehensive information are our priorities. You can submit your inquiry online promptly, conveniently and easily.

Domestic and international transport - Freight forwarding

We offer solutions not only to customers using transport services, but also to carriers to utilize their free capacities. We strive to achieve the best capacity utilization, so whatever the carrying capacity of your vehicle is, we might need just that! Whether for export or import, for a single occasion or for regular transport, you can become our partner!

The key benefits offered by FEBE Transport Kft. to you:

If you need transport services:

  • fast, detailed quotes
  • favorable pricing
  • many years of experience, experienced drivers, reliable vehicles
  • accurate pick-up of goods, meeting delivery deadlines
  • guarantee, liability insurance
  • online shipment tracking

If you want to provide transport services:

  • long-term cooperation opportunity
  • fair conditions
  • fair pay
  • regular transport opportunity
  • diverse freight tasks
  • reliable partner recognized by the profession